Top 4 Mobile Trends To Decipher for Your Marketing Campaign

With mobile phone proving itself a new darling of everybody’s lifestyle, it is transforming lives promising better tomorrow. The rapid spread of mobile in every spectrum of life opens up huge potential for marketers. With millions of smartphones penetrating in the market by the end of 2013, brands and marketing agencies are dramatically shifting their panorama from virtual world to mobile world. 

Mobile is evolving drastically from its role not just confined to phone and communication. It is emerging as a huge platform for a wide range of experiences from screening documents, reading magazines, browsing websites, shopping to banking. Thus, everything served on a beautiful small palette on hand.

With mobile internet usage to increase approx. 66% in the year 2014, there is immense opportunity to grab this market to increase the sales. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs need to gain knowledge about the latest mobile trends that assist them in formulating effective marketing strategy. Let us scan through them and see how these trends are playing and gain insight over time. 

Top of the list is mobile optimized websites. With increase in phone users, mobile optimized websites are becoming quite common. A recent survey report from Compuware states that – 

  • 74% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for a web page to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site. 
  • 46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if it did not work properly during their last visit. 
  • 71% of mobile users expect web pages to load almost as quickly as, or faster than, web pages on their desktop computers. 

With more and more people accessing websites through their cell phones, businesses need to take care of having fast and mobile optimized websites. 

Secondly, it is not just that mobile optimized websites are in trend, mobile email marketing is next in the list. With over half of the decision-makers reading their email on mobile devices, a trend of responsive email design is evolving. It is fast gaining pace as most of the users love to check mails on a go.      

Thirdly, with 40% of small-medium businesses accepting payments through virtual wallets, mobile payment system is in stream. Furthermore, in the next year, payments through mobile phones will grow with an estimated increase of 16%. It seems that soon mobile card readers will replace credit cards for payments. 

Mobile device management is yet another trending thing in mobile industry. With workplace becoming more employee-friendly and people owing various mobile devices, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is in trend. It is most common in workstation as employees like to work on their devices that suit them personally instead of devices provided to them. 

Mobile is always evolving and so trends keep on coming and going. However, keeping pace with these trends can definitely help businesses to be ahead of their competitors. If you have embraced any of these mobile trends, do let us.

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