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Technology is all around us and perhaps more importantly, it’s all around our kids. Many parents are unsure how they can keep their kids safe online while also respecting their privacy. Other questions parents commonly ask are: “How much technology should my kids be able to use?” “Is social media safe for my kids?” “What parental controls will help me monitor and protect my kids online?

Most kids could easily let a whole day slip by online or playing a video game. But as parents we know that this isn’t healthy or the best way for kids to spend their free time. So how can you set limits on screen time? And what are the recommended time limits for kids? 

Ctots.jpg (500×343)After you’ve decided to introduce some time limits on technology, you will need to find ways of enforcing these limits without constantly hovering over your kids. Taking away phones, iPods and tablets during these no-tech times is a start. But you can take it one step further with timers that will go off after your kids have hit their limits on the computer. During school time, some kids will need to use technology for research and school projects. This is where parental controls can help by allowing you to set up blocked websites, especially social media sites that can be very distracting. 

Safety online is the biggest concern for parents when their kids are using technology. Filtering out adult content and monitoring social media use are good places to start to improve kids’ safety online. Cyber bullying and predators are also very real threats when kids use technology, so protecting kids online becomes even more important. 

Fortunately for less tech-savvy parents, these safety measures are all available in programs like Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. Programs like this allow users to set time limits, monitor social media sites, guard against predators and bullies, filter out adult content and undesirable websites, and they will integrate with most social media sites. Protecting your children online is important, and even if your kids know more about technology than you, you can install programs that will make it easier for you to keep your kids safe online.

Written by: Shannon McCarty-Caplan.
Shannon has over a dozen years of experience helping consumers find the security solutions they need to protect their families, privacy and critical data. Shannon is a news junkie with a BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona. On most days, you can find Shannon tweeting or blogging about security issues impacting women and families or geeking out on the latest new tech toys. Shannon resides on the North Coast (Chicago) and spends her free time volunteering for two non-profit organizations, studying foreign languages and traveling with her husband.

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