List of Heartbleed Affected Android Apps

Here is the list of app which is infected of +HeartBleed Bug  virus. Be aware this virus can steel your personal data.

AOL appsUNAFFECTEDWas not running affected software -Mashable. Includes services such as AIM, AOL app and more.YOU’RE GOOD
AmazonUNAFFECTED“ is not affected.” -Mashable. Includes apps such as Amazon, Audible, Kindle, Amazon MP3 and Amazon App StoreYOU’RE GOOD
Apple and iOSUNAFFECTED“iOS and OS X never incorporated the vulnerable software and key web-based services were not affected.” -Mashable. Includes in-app payment system for iOS devices.YOU’RE GOOD
Banking Apps (Most)UNAFFECTEDChase Bank, Citi, Capital One, Bank of America, TD Bank, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo all state they have not been affected. If yours is not listed assume it is possibly at risk and contact your bank for more informationYOU’RE GOOD
BlackBerry appsVULNERABLEBlackBerry will roll out a patch for Android and iOS users of BlackBerry Messenger shortly. BBM on Android/iOS and Secure Work Space for Android/iOS are affected.WAIT
BitcoinUNAFFECTEDBitcoin was patched to address the OpenSSL issue, but it has no affect on your locally stored passwords and wallets on your device.YOU’RE GOOD
BoxFIXED“We’re currently working with our customers to proactively reset passwords and are also reissuing new SSL certificates for added protectionCHANGE PASSWORD NOW
DropboxFIXED“We’ve patched all of our user-facing services & will continue to work to make sure your stuff is always safe.” – MashableCHANGE PASSWORD NOW
eBayUNAFFECTED“When you login to eBay using your user name and password these details were not exposed to the OpenSSL vulnerability.” – MashableYOU’RE GOOD
EtsyFIXEDPart of its infrastructure was vulnerable, though it has been patched.CHANGE PASSWORD NOW
EvernoteUNAFFECTEDEvernote reports that it does not use OpenSSL to secure its Evernote app services.YOU’RE GOOD
FandangoOTHERNot affected by Heartbleed, but has been accused ofnot verifying SSL security. You should change your password anyway.CHANGE PASSWORD NOW
Facebook appsFIXED“We added protections for Facebook’s implementation of Open SSL before this issue was publicly disclosed.” Also includes services that use your Facebook account to log in, such as Spotify.CHANGE PASSWORD NOW
GitHub appsFIXEDThere are no official GitHub apps, though Gitty and iOctocat are third-party clients that make extensive use of GitHub’s API. GitHub patched the vulnerability, and asked users to change their passwords, enable two-step authentication, and “revoke and recreate personal access and application tokens.” – MashableCHANGE PASSWORD NOW
Google apps and AndroidFIXED“We have assessed the SSL vulnerability and applied patches to key Google services.” – Mashable. Includes all Google accounts, services and in-app payment system.CHANGE PASSWORD NOW
GrouponUNAFFECTED“ does not utilize a version of the OpenSSL library that is susceptible to the Heartbleed bud” – MashableYOU’RE GOOD
GrubHubUNAFFECTEDIt is “secure and not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.”YOU’RE GOOD
InstagramFIXED“Our security teams worked quickly on a fix and we have no evidence of any accounts being harmed.”CHANGE PASSWORD NOW
LinkedIn UNAFFECTED“We didn’t use the offending implementation of Open SSL…” – MashableYOU’RE GOOD
Lookout SecurityUNAFFECTEDLookout reports it has been unaffected by the security flawYOU’RE GOOD
LastPassUNAFFECTEDLastPass was unaffected but websites you use LastPass with may have been. Your master password is safe.YOU’RE GOOD
Microsoft appsUNAFFECTED“Microsoft Services were not affected” -LastPass. Includes all services such as Bing, Skype, payments in the Windows Store app, etc.YOU’RE GOOD
NetflixFIXED“Like many companies, we took immediate action to assess the vulnerability and address it.”CHANGE PASSWORD NOW
PandoraUNAFFECTEDReported as not vulnerable to HeartbleedYOU’RE GOOD
PaypalUNAFFECTED“Your PayPal account details were not exposed in the past and remain secure.” - PayPal YOU’RE GOOD
SnapchatUNKNOWNReported as not vulnerable to HeartbleedWAIT
SteamFIXEDAppeared on Git 10,000 vulnerable list – now fixed according to Heartbleed testerCHANGE PASSWORDS NOW
StripeFIXEDThis payment service patched its system and recommends you change your password.CHANGE PASSWORDS NOW
TargetUNAFFECTEDDoes not “currently believe that any external-facing aspects of our sites are impacted by the OpenSSL vulnerability” – MashableYOU’RE GOOD
TurboTaxUNAFFECTED“TurboTax engineers have verified TurboTax is not affected by Heartbleed.” It is “not proactively advising you to do so,” but better safe than sorry.  - Full StatementCHANGE PASSWORDS NOW
TumblrFIXED“We have no evidence of any breach and, like most networks, our team took immediate action to fix the issue.” – Mashable. Tumblr still recommends you change your password.CHANGE PASSWORDS NOW
TwitterUNAFFECTED“We were able to determine that [our] servers were not affected by this vulnerability” - TwitterYOU’RE GOOD
WalmartUNAFFECTED“We do not use that technology so we have not been impacted by this particular breach.” – MashableYOU’RE GOOD
WikipediaFIXED“The vulnerability has now been fixed on all Wikimedia wikis” – Only affects you if you login at Wikipedia.orgCHANGE PASSWORDS NOW
WordPressUNKNOWNIt has “addressed the Heartbleed OpenSSL exploit,” but no word as to when its SSL certificates will be replaced and when you can change your passwords. It was WAIT
XDA DevelopersFIXEDAppeared on Git 10,000 vulnerable list – now fixed according to Heartbleed testerCHANGE PASSWORDS NOW
Yahoo appsFIXEDYahoo Homepage, Search, Mail, Finance, Sports, Food, and Tech were patched. More patches on the way. – Mashable. Flickr has also been patched.CHANGE PASSWORDS NOW

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