Nexus 6 Release Update : Specification & Features

Nexus 6 Release Update: Build, Specs, Features & Software of Nexus 5 Sequel Exposed If Modelled After Moto X2

Specification : 

While billed as the Motorola flagship, the first Moto X veered away from directly competing with its rivals in terms of the specs race.

Instead, the company stuffed the device with mid-range components that are complemented with cutting edge features. Active Display or the device always listening to its user's biddings quickly comes to mind.
As a result, consumers get to take home a reasonably-priced product with capabilities that not only are exciting but actually usable.

If Nexus 6 is the Moto X2, this remains part of the deal and probably more as Punit shares to Android Central that the device, already impressive in the first build, is a work in progress. That should read: more killer features, ones that really matter, are on their way.

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