Basic Things you Should know about Android

» How to Switch between Open Apps

* Long press the home button Or Tap the Recent Apps icon to reveal the apps

» How to Set and Clear a Default App

* Run the Settings app and tap Apps under DEVICE.
* Choose the app you do not want to launch by default.
* Tap 'Clear defaults' under LAUNCH BY DEFAULT.

» How to Uninstall an App

* Tap the All Apps icon on the tray and select the Apps tab on the top.
* Touch and hold the icon of the app you want to uninstall.
* Drag and drop the app icon over the Uninstall icon then tap 'OK' to confirm. (The Uninstall icon appears only for the app that can be uninstalled from the system.)

» How to Install a Third Party App

* Run the Settings app and tap Security under PERSONAL.
* Tick "Unknown sources" under DEVICE ADMINISTRATION.
* Tap "OK" to the system reminder that your device and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by apps from unknown sources.

» How to Re-arrange Icons

* Touch and hold any icon on your screen for a second.
* Drag the icon to a different spot on the screen, or even to or from the tray, except for the permanent "All Apps" icon.
* You can also drag an icon to the left or right edge of the screen until it starts sliding, then drop the icon to another screen.

» How to Send Instant Messages

* Tap the Messenger app icon.
* Tap the plus sign and add a person or a group of people from your circles.
* Add text or photos and tap the Send button.

» How to Turn Off Auto-Correction

* Open the app Settings and select 'Language & input' under PERSONAL.
* Tap the Quick Settings icon next to 'Android keyboard'.
* Select 'Auto correction' under TEXT CORRECTION.
* Select 'Off' to turn off 'Auto-Correction'.

» How to Copy Files between your Mobile and PC

* Run the Play Store app.
* Tap the Search button and enter the name of a remote desktop app, such as AirDroid (reviewed here).
* Tap the app from the list and download it.
* Open the app and start using it to connect your mobile to PC for copying files wirelessly and doing even more between the two platforms.

» How to Backup and Restore your Data

* Run the app Settings, tap 'Backup & reset' under PERSONAL.
* Check both 'Back up my data' and 'Automatic restore' if they're unchecked.

» How to Reboot the System

* Press and hold the Power button of your device until a pop-up menu appears. Select 'Power off' and tap 'OK' to confirm. The system will then turn off.
* Turn the system on by pressing and holding the Power button until the Google logo appears.

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