How to Enhance Security on Android Phone!!

Top Tips to Enhance Security on Android Phone

android phone

1) Regular deadbolt on Android phones:


2) Utilize the Smartphone Security Applications:


3) Avoid Giving Credentials to Remember Passwords:


4) Lock your applications:


5)  The importance of application authorization:

  • Before introducing an application from Google Play store to your android mobile, a rundown of consents will pop up to reveal the authorization required by the application where some harmful applications request for permissions which are not essential for execution of the app- instead it may be a way to corrupt your device or hijack your online accounts.
  • Hence it is always recommended to read and understand the logic of the permissions requested by the application. This is an essential step because all applications are not sheltered by play store.

6) Make Different Client Account to Secure Privacy:

android phone

7) Create a backup of your information:


8) Track your lost gadget:

Track-android phone

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